About Matthew Knouff

Preparing for his legal career at the University of North Carolina School Of Law, Matthew Knouff supplemented his time as a law student by founding and running a successful record label and music production company. After graduating, Mr. Knouff spent several years as an IP attorney, litigator, and general practitioner before joining Complete Discovery Source, Inc., an eDiscovery consultancy based in New York City. Since joining Complete Discovery Source, Matthew Knouff has helped drive revenue by acting as a trusted advisor to law firms, developing new revenue streams within the professional services department, and helping further CDS’s international offerings. Beyond his work with Complete Discovery Source, Inc., Matthew Knouff regularly teaches members of the legal profession about the nuances of eDiscovery. Through conducting continuing legal education (CLE) classes, teaching advanced eDiscovery courses for The Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP), and holding frequent webinars and other sessions with various expert attorneys, technologists, and other electronic data management professionals, Mr. Knouff has helped promote eDiscovery education globally. Some of the CLE courses he has created include “eDiscovery 101: A Comprehensive Primer for Attorneys Handling Electronically Stored Information in Litigation,” “The Discovery of ESI: Handling Electronically Stored Information in Litigation,” “The Charging Paradigm of Search and Retrieval: Keywords, Concepts, and Learning How to Leverage Technology,” and “Metadata: The New Black – Considering Metadata in the Context of Litigation Discovery.” Furthermore, he also participates in expert panels and industry conferences. Matthew Knouff participated in the Fall 2010 Conference of the National Employment Lawyers Association in New York, discussing search methodology; the New York County Lawyers’ Association panel on controlling eDiscovery in March 2011; and a webinar focusing on navigating international data privacy and data protection statutes later that month. Matthew Knouff involves himself in leadership roles with several professional organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors for the Cyberspace Law Committee and Chairman of the eDiscovery Sub-Committee of the New York County Lawyers’ Association. Mr. Knouff belongs to the Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1), and is a charter member of the Association of Certified e-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS).


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